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UCMI Summer Book Discussion, Eat More Chicken: Inspire More People by S Truett Cathy

Discussion Leader: Mark Williams, Co-Leaders: Becca Boyer and Samantha Kopren

Synopsis: In Eat More Chicken: Inspire More People, Truett Cathy (Founder of Chik Filet) challenges readers and business leaders to focus on people and principles. The Christian principles he outlines in this book have brought success to his business, and he insists that anyone who follows them will surely enjoy similar results. Is the term “Christian business” a possibility or an oxy-moron. Can Christianity co-exist with capitalism? The Bargain Basket ministry and mission at United Church is, in part, a business as well. As part of our discussion, we’ll put the Bargain Basket into conversation with this book. The discussion will surely not disappoint! 


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