Summer Book Discussions at UCMI

Pastor Kathy’s Summer Book Review

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BEGINS:  Tuesday, June 4th – July 10th

TIME:  10:00 am

LOCATION:  Sunset Conference Room

LEADER: Pastor Kathy Sprague

Over the past few decades, studies have shown that Americans are the most anxious people in the world.  We take the most medication for it, see doctors to treat it, and spend fortunes trying to relieve it.  How have we let our fears get the better of us?

In Anxious for Nothing, Max Lucado leads participants to reflect on the promises of Philippians 4:4-8.  This passage from Paul’s epistle contains an antidote to anxiety that will help you develop a mindset of resilience.  Re-discover the power of prayer and take control of your thoughts.  You can rest in “the peace of God, which passes all understanding.”

You may pre-purchase a small paperback study book / journal @ $8.00 in our Church office or in the Narthex after services the last two weeks of May.  If you choose, you may simply attend the sessions for information and class notes. Please make checks payable to United Church of Marco Island with memo line: Member Care

Pastor Mark’s Summer Book Reviews

Join Pastor Mark Williams on the second Wednesday of each month through September at 10am in the Sunset Conference Room for his summer book discussions. Some books are available at the local library. All books are available used and new on Amazon. United Church’s office will also loan out copies of books.

Up north? No problem. Call in on the discussion date: Dial 1-866-866-2244 – When prompted dial


Everything Happens For a Reason: And Other Lies I’ve Loved by Kate Bowler
Kate Bowler was one of Pastor Mark’s classmates at Duke Divinity School. At thirty-five, everything in her life seemed to point toward “blessing.” She was thriving in her job, married to her high school sweetheart, and loved life with her newborn son. Then she was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Frank and funny, dark and wise, Kate Bowler pulls the reader deeply into her life in an account she populates affectionately with a colorful, often hilarious retinue of friends, mega-church preachers, relatives, and doctors. Everything Happens for a Reason tells her story, offering up her irreverent, hard-won observations on dying and the ways it has taught her to live.
Discussion: Wednesday, June 12th at 10AM


The American Miracle by Michael Medved
The history of the United States displays an uncanny pattern: At moments of crisis, when the odds against success seem overwhelming and disaster looks imminent, fate intervenes to provide deliverance and progress. Historians may categorize these incidents as happy accidents, callous crimes, or the product of brilliant leadership, but the most notable leaders of the past four hundred years have identified this good fortune as something else—a reflection of divine providence. In The American Miracle, bestselling author and radio host Michael Medved recounts some of the most significant events in America’s rise to prosperity and power, from the writing of the Constitution to the Civil War. He reveals a record of improbabilities and amazements that demonstrate what the Founders always believed: that events unfolded according to a master plan, with destiny playing an unmistakable role in lifting the nation to greatness.
Discussion: Wednesday, July 10th at 10AM


The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner’s Semester by Kevin Roose
As a sophomore at Brown University, Kevin Roose spent his days fitting right in with Brown's free-spirited, ultra-liberal student body. But when Roose leaves his Ivy League confines to spend a semester at Liberty University, a conservative Baptist school in Lynchburg, Virginia, obedience is no longer optional. Hoping to connect with his evangelical peers, Roose decides to enroll at Liberty as a new transfer student, chronicling his adventures in this daring report from the front lines of America's culture war. His journey takes him from an evangelical hip-hop concert to a spring break mission trip to Daytona Beach (where he learns to preach the gospel to partying coeds). He meets pastors' kids, closet doubters, Christian rebels, and conducts what would be the last print interview of Rev. Falwell's life.
Discussion: Wednesday, August 14th at 10AM


The Life of Billy Kim: From Houseboy to World Evangelist by Billy Kim
On Sunday March 15th, 2020, United Church will be welcome to it’s pulpit world famous preacher Billy Kim. Billy Kim was plucked out of poverty and obscurity during wartime in Korea by what could only have been chance—or a miracle. Picked seemingly at random by an American GI to be the houseboy for their barracks in Korea, sixteen-year-old Billy began the path that would bring him to school in America. Later he would go on to be the translator for Billy Graham’s 1973 crusade, a preacher to millions, and an influential global leader for the spread of the gospel. He has been aptly described as the Billy Graham of Asia. The Life of Billy Kim is the story of how God’s work has been revealed in this one man’s life. For anyone looking for guidance as they serve the Lord, Billy Kim’s life will be a powerful inspiration of providence in a surrendered life.
Discussion: Wednesday, September 11th at 10AM